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Private listing Conditions

Namibia PropertyThis property is situated in Namibia.
Namibia Property You have an email address.
Namibia Property You are charged no fee, commission or any remuneration of any kind for listing a property here. The Purchaser shall not pay commission either.
Namibia Property Your personal details name, tel. etc. will not be displayed on the web for spammers and other malicious people to view. All communications are initiated through our server's email. 
Namibia Property You are a private person.
Namibia Property You are not an Estate Agent.
Namibia Property No agents' commission of whatever kind has been added to the price of the property.
Namibia Property Help us to keep this type of listing free.
If possible, let us arrange for the financing of the sale of the property at no cost to you nor the purchaser.
Namibia Property We reserve the right to delete any listing at any time. 

Namibia PropertyThese properties include agent's commission.

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