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Phrase farm for sale
Namibia Property: Contact Advertiser Namibia Property: Contact Advertiser
Town or City maltahohe

Distance from town

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Property Name

Registered Name

Type of Property farm


7 000 000
Primarily suited for farming wi

Grazing Capcity ha per large stock unit

500 cattle 3000 smal

No of camps


Nearest Major Airport

150 mariental
Waterpoints and Rainfall:8 waterpoints 13 reservoirs rainfall +- 350mm per year no livestock on farm,game kudus
Game and Stock:4 windmills,2 solar and 2 electric water points stockproof around farm + 5 stockproof blocks in farm other camps all stock camps
Tourist Atractions:Farm size 7500 ha.The farm has a lot of grazing for cattle/goats or sheep.Farm is 100% maintained and ready for farming immediately.Big farmhouse with 6 wokers houses. Veggie and fruit gardens around the farmhouse for own use.