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Phrase at a foxtrot
Namibia Property: Contact Advertiser Namibia Property: Contact Advertiser
Town or City maltahohe

Distance from town

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Property Name

Registered Name

Type of Property sheep/fgoat/cattle f


N$930,00.00 p/h
Primarily suited for small stoc

Grazing Capcity ha per large stock unit


No of camps


Nearest Major Airport

Eros airport
Waterpoints and Rainfall:8 boreholes, 2 solar powered, 2 submersible 320 v, 4 windmills average rainfall 320 mm per year
Game and Stock:jachal proof borders, 5 inside jachal proof block
Fencing:all inside camps have 6/7 strands steel wire, 500 m stand posts, 1000m boxes dropper either wood or iron 70 iron30%wood
Tourist Atractions:none
Accommodation:3 bedroomed house with office, scullery, pantry, large kitchen dining room, lounge, veranda garage large, 3 store rooms one equipped karakul slaughter facilities (no longer in use)farm 7478 ha